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We stock only  high quality Laser Diode's. These can be used in a variety of applications, DPSS pumping to illuminating in low
lit conditions. Having the same properties as standard 'nightvision' lighting, these LD's are
similar in wavelength as used in Sony
Handycam nightshot. The difference being they are much more effective in long range illumination.

The data sheet is included with purchase, which covers all technical parameters for wiring and powering them up.


nm NIR Laser Diode Specifications:
Optical Output (typical): 1,000mW (1W)
Optical Output (maximal) 1,250mW (1.25W)
Package size: 9mm
Peak emission wavelength: 808nm
Forward Voltage (typical): 2.9 V
Forward current (typical): 1A (maximal: 1.25A)
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These devices are NIR 'invisible' light 808nm Laser Diodes. The Laser during operation radiate intense IR Laser light,
precautions must be taken to prevent looking directly into the IR light with unprotected eyes.

-Do not look directly into the IR Laser light or look through an optical system. If there is a possibility
of  the reflection, protect by using  808nm laser light protective glasses so that the light will not
hit one’s eye directly.

Static Electricity:
-Static electricity or surge voltage damages the Laser Diodes.
It is recommended that a wrist band or an anti-electrostatic glove be used when handling the LD's.
· All devices, equipment and machinery must be properly grounded. It is recommended that measures
be taken against surge voltage to the equipment that mounts LEDs.

With all the off spec 808nm laser diodes being sold on the net, we are proud to offer these little gems.
Suitable for DPSS pumping (among other projects), these 9mm 1W LD's will produce a well shaped
TEM-00 532nm beam with an Nd:Yv04 crystal set (Neodymium-Doped Yttrium Orthovanadate)
Check our DIY projects page for more information.

The datasheet provided with the purchase of any of our laser diodes are a basic guideline.  Below is the maximum
rated specs for our LD's.   If you need help in deciding what best suits your application needs, feel free to
contact us
with any question you may have. An experienced technician will promptly respond via email.
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